Our Causes

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Solving Homlessness

Meeting our population where they’re at.  Understanding each person’s individual challenges, struggles and storms.  Working with each to establish a plan to obtain firm footing, a path to sobriety where needed and ultimately getting them into stable housing. Providing a ray of hope in a dark moment of life.

Stable housing
Stable housing for Displaced Individuals and Families

Assisting with services and leveraging community partners to ensure they have the proper support system in place to move forward and not backward, which is in many cases, homelessness. Our community live in a constant crisis mode, barely making the weekly stay cost which averages $320 per week for very limited accommodations.

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Jail & Prison Reentry

Many in the communities we serve unfortunately become incarcerated.  We continue to walk with them no matter the number of steps they take in the opposite direction.  Unconditional love.  Most have not experienced this level of love.  By demonstrating love and consistency the ministry has grown inside the walls by word of mouth.  Amazing growth has taken place; finding God, obtaining GED’s, trade skill certificates, etc. all from genuine caring.

our causes addiction
Attacking Addiction, Mental Health & Other Afflictions

Addiction and mental heath is in every community, big and small.  We have teamed up with incredible partners that have a heart for the people we serve.  No matter the affliction, we work diligently to build trust and relationships.  To learn as much as possible about their footsteps.  Each person has a unique fingerprint.  When a ray of hope is created through love, HOPE becomes real.

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